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In Focus: 2010 World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, April 26

In Focus: 2010 World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, April 26

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April 26 2010 is the ten year anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day.

This year celebrates Innovation - Linking the World.

Intellectual property n.

A product of the intellect that has commercial value, including copyrighted property such as literary or artistic works, and ideational property, such as patents, appellations of origin, business methods, and industrial processes.

(The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 2006)

World IP Day aims to:

  • raise awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life;
  • increase understanding of how protecting IP rights helps promote creativity and innovation;
  • celebrate creativity, and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe;
  • encourage respect for the IP rights of others.

Here is a message from Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Francis Gurry. What is intellectual property? Understanding Copyright and Related Rights, a useful and straightforward free publication from WIPO. Check out also: Understanding Industrial Property and the WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use.

Take a look at information about WIPO administered treaties.

Focus on Intellectual Property Rights published by the U.S. Department of State provides a clear look at intellectual property. Essays by government, academic, and industry experts introduce intellectual property rights issues and key concepts -- patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and new forms of IP. Articles also explain why countries need effective intellectual property systems, and what governments in each region are doing to enforce IPR. Includes a glossary of IP terms, a list of print and Internet IP resources, and a separate resource list for children and young adults. View PDF (4.38 MB).

And while you are there, check out the Piracy Terminator video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan…

Lastly, as innovation is this year’s focus, why not take a look at Roots of Innovation an eJournal published by the Department of State which examines the conditions that innovation needs to grow and flourish. View PDF (2.73 MB). Of particular interest may be the article Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation by Michael A. Gollin, Partner, Venable LLP, An effective system for protecting patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property promotes innovation by balancing exclusive rights with accessibility.

Interested in finding out more on intellectual property? Check out this list of further information sources from a broad range of sources including: government, associations, educational institutions and international organizations.

Questions… Comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us at the American Reference Center, Office of Public Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America, or 04 462 6122.


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