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How to Apply

We encourage you to apply early, as there can be a wait time for a visa appointment during peak times of the year, and some cases require additional administrative processing that the Consulate is not able to waive.  Applying two weeks before your intended travel date is generally sufficient to complete all necessary processing, but complicated cases can take longer.

If you need a visa, you must schedule an appointment for a visa interview, following the five steps outlined below. Your visa eligibility can only be determined by an officer of the Auckland Consulate General at an interview. You can find the current wait time for a visa appointment and processing at the Consulate General in Auckland on the Visa Wait Time section of

There are five easy steps to applying for a visa:

  1. Fill out the Forms and Upload Photo;
  2. Pay application fee
  3. Make appointment for interview;
  4. Gather supporting documents;
  5. Attend interview.

For your review, we have provided a final Interview Checklist.

Start with Step 1